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Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones

With the high number of gaming headphones on the market, you are guaranteed to find one that matches your budget. But how do you identify the best gaming headphones from the available options?

Comfort, sound quality and mic clarity are the three most important things to look for when you are considering to purchase best gaming headphones (Visit for more info at Finding one that delivers clear audio with just the right amount of bass… that is a challenge. This is because measuring sound quality is pretty much a very subjective undertaking. In this review, we will try to objectively quantify several aspect of a gaming headset that make an important contribution to sound quality: distortion, frequency response and left/right balance.

Top 5 best gaming headphones

  1. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament


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Compatible with both PCS and Consoles, these headset is simply in a league of its own with regards to comfort and sound quality. The set was evidently developed with eSports player in mind judging from the multiple tension options couples with the feature that allows you to vary the pressure of the ear cushions.

The mic the headphones were designed with is ultra-clear, so you hardly need to invest in a standalone noise cancelling mic to ensure that your voice is all that goes through when you call your team makes. Also included is the mercurial Elite Pro Tactical Audio controller that you can use to precision control your audio experience down to a decibel. Whether you dig these add-ons or not,

These turtle beach headphones are a good package overall, as they were clearly designed with overall gaming in mind.

  1. Kingston HyperX Cloud


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Many people that it was an April fool’s joke when PC memory make, Kingston, announced that it was releasing it first gaming headphones at the start of April 2015. To help construct its first headphones, the company sought the expertise of QPAD – Swedish gaming experts.

With its 53 mm hi-fi capable drivers with a 15-25 khz frequency response, the Kingston HyperX Cloud provides a good balance of sound in the whole frequency range. The bass is tight and musical and overall the sound is warm and in a good way. The microphone is detachable and this together with the tangle-free braided cables provides convenience while you enjoy your game.

Comfort wise, these are extremely =lightweight and comfortable with a leatherette memory foam ear cups and an extra set of velour cups.

  1. Creative Sound BlasterX H5


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Powerful 50 mm Neodymium drivers combine with the award winning proprietary Sound BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite Audio profile software suite to provide massive bass and astounding clarity. The software tunes the full spectrum drivers to deliver the best-in-class gaming audio for absolute immersion.

The headphones themselves are forged with a reinforced aluminum architecture and a light weight, ergonomically tested design that not only delivers comfort during gaming sessions, but durability to withstand abuse. For ultimate versatility, the headset also features a detachable noise reducing mic and a leatherette memory form ear cushions. The Sound BlasterX is definitely one of the definitive gaming headsets for modern gamers.

  1. Roccat Renga


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The ergonomically designed and seriously light weight Renga headphones epitomize every gamer’s vision for a studio grade over-the-ear stereo gaming headset. Multi-platform support coupled with optimally aligned 50mm driver units ensures a mix of comfort and deep, powerful bass for undivided in-game focus. It has a reinforced structural housing that provides the foundation of a supper comfortable build further enhanced with an ergonomic head band and ear cushions.

The optimal alignments of the 50 mm drivers ensures an immersive and dynamic audio experience while the light weight, the ear cup ventilation, the plush ear cushions and an ergonomic headband all provide the comfort you need for all day gaming. The Renga has an inline remote for on-the-fly control over your most used sound settings so you can adjust volume and mute your mic without even having to look. The mic is crystal clear and rotates so you can get it out of the way when you do not need it.

  1. SteelSeries Siberia 800 wireless headphones


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The Siberia 800 headset was designed to deliver professional quality audio without compromise. The sound is lag free, low latency and features innovative Dolby surround sound technologies. Dolby virtue; 7.1 surround sound immerses you in the game, whether you are playing it from a Mac/PC, Xbox or PS. This technology coupled with closed back ear cups ensure that you receive sound in superior clarity, details and clarity.

An inbuilt charger and two hot swappable batteries allow for unlimited play time while the Live Mix and Chat Mix features gives you more customizable control so that you can create the right balance of chat and audio.

For comfort, the headphones feature headband padding and memory-foam ear cushions with smooth leather surfaces.