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The Best Headphones for gaming in Xbox One!

I wasn’t a fan of gaming before until I dropped in a friend of mine, who’s crazy of gaming with XBOX one- for a person who isn’t much interested in stuff like gaming wouldn’t know much about what it really felt like but then I decided to give a shot!

An experience of fighting on a real battle ground with an unbelievable experience but realized lately why I felt so!

The headsets he owned played a role in giving an experience to the gamer of converting a virtual play into real. I decided to get the best Xbox one headset for me but a tough job in picking a headset kept me strangled quite a few days.

For days I surfed, got a few options from mates and found some commonly used brands-
– Razer Kraken
– Hyper X
– Turtle Beach
– SteelSeries
– Plantronics
– Astro

List of brands with each of its own feature you wouldn’t miss out, but then I chose for Razer except for some it had ultimate features that pulled me in!

1) Razer Kraken-  

It’s known for being the popular brands in manufacturing gaming headsets to provide a wide variety of sets to support Xbox one as well PS4.

If you’re looking for something extra and are willing to pay more than your console- Razer Kraken Thresher Ultimate Wireless Surround Gaming Headset may be the best choice for you with a 7.1 Dolby Surround system along a MIC adjustable as comfort.

I never wished to pay more- so I went with the budget based headset; Razer Kraker Pro V2 was pretty good piece and a price of fortune to me. I rather decided to give away $69.9 to Amazon then to pay $250 for a headset.

Regardless, Pro V2’s extremely good with a perfect sound quality and a MIC in place to chat while gaming.

There’re other brands too which you need to look around for the budget and type you’re looking for whilst some I’ve listed down here,

2) Turtle Beach-

The name heard for a perfect Xbox one headset comes in as Turtle Beach listed with sets of enormously amazing and perfectly matched for the gamers.

– Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Xbox One-

Filled with a Sonic Surround sound system, a pair of new headphones launched recently with no wires hanging around, easy connectivity and available exclusively on Amazon with a price tag $149.95.

– Turtle Beach 420X+

The headset is filled with amazing sound qualities and a MIC to have conversation with friends. As launched long ago, it’s a wireless set which many didn’t have and the cost on Amazon is extremely catchy around $119.99, but the problem I heard from most and even read the feedbacks of my friends saying they weren’t much comfortable and couldn’t afford to hold up on the set for a longer time and a gamers requirement’s first choice goes to comfort.

I had to drop this choice!

3) Hyper X-

– HyperX Cloud Stinger

Looking for a low budget headset with an extreme good audio quality!

Then a $50 headphone on Amazon shall be a perfect choice for you to pick a set with no extra add-in but an audio satisfactory to a beginner of a tight budget!

Look out for travelling with Stinger while its inefficient to withstand any physical pressures and may damage at some point if not handled properly (the only dark side of stinger).

4) SteelSeries-

– SteelSeries Arctis 3

Arctis 3’s just the beginning whilst the upper models of Arctis like 5 and 7 are also available on Amazon but the point is the features provided aren’t compatible with Xbox One- paying for higher versions is of no use and so Arctis 3 which too provides an extreme sound quality with an easily retractable MIC and a comfort required for the gamers. Amazon will charge you around $60 to ship a piece of Arctis 3.

5) Plantronics

– Plantronics RIG FLEX LX

Plantronics’s another blooming Company in the audio industry with the RIG on its front race, charging up as a front runner in providing an extremely good quality of sound quality with an option to balance the system between the gaming sound and audio chat not with buttons but a set of dials.
Moreover, the cushions are well placed to provide comfort for the gamers making all these facilities and additional features, available at a price of $42.79 on Amazon.

A quite of other developing and blooming brands have started to undergo a move in bringing amazing and a low cost sets, need to just give a try for them!