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Best PC Gaming Chair 2017-Our Top Picks

When budgeting for your PC setup, how much money you allocate for your new chair? Mostly, a lot less than you spend on your graphic card, but it’s time you consider how integral these chairs are to the overall experience. A nice chair can last for at least 10 years. We’ve done extensive research to find best pc gaming chair 2017. We’ll inform you on basic features available in top PC gaming chairs and what you can expect in each price range.

When searching for best pc gaming chair 2017 (Visit, aside from bare essentials, you also need to check some tweakable elemtns such as armrests and seat height. The key element to consider is backrest. If you’re spending long hours on your machine, you need a firm upright support so that you can easily maintain a neutral spine posture and let your chair hold you up. So looking for backrest and some kind of tension control is important.

Another important feature to look for in the best pc gaming chair 2017 is seat pan slider. This helps in sliding the position of butt backwards or forwards relative to the backrest. If you’re tall, you get good support right behind your leg, and if you’re bit short, you can set more shallow so you can easily sit all the way back in the chair.

Best PC Gaming Chair 2017-Our Top Picks

When it comes to chair fabric, it’s purely aesthetic decision-though whether you like breathable mesh or plush leather is dictate by how hot you actually are. Avoid overly rigid seat pans and fixed height armrests, as both can lead of discomfort.

In terms of the money you should expect to spend, well it depends on your budget. You can get chairs even for $50, but good ones can cost you around $1000 or more. If you’re interested in spending more, you can easily open up greater levels of luxury and customization.

Best PC Gaming Chair 2017-Our Recommendations

Playseat Office Chair (White)

This is white chair that is pretty slick and is a quite comfortable with its cool headrest, super soft cushions an reclining backrest. It also has a super sturdy feel. You can easily adjust chair’s armrests, so you won’t have much of headache when it comes to making this beautiful chair fit your body well.

Office Master OM5

This chair can smartly adjust itself as per your sitting position. It’s build quality feels as premium and solid as more expensive chairs on the market. If you prefer making manual adjustments, then cheaper model Affirm is the best choice.

Office Master OM5 is a self weighting chair that responds to wide range of body sizes and weights without any need for manual tension. This one magically works out your back and butt need, no problem. Its adjustable elements include: height, front seat lip, armrests, which you can easily slide back and forth and can also be rotated towards your body.

Flash Furniture High Back Black Vinyl PC Gaming Chair

Flash furniture is world famous for creating innovative products for PC users. The solid red lining and black color on this gaming chair provides it a downright mellow feel. Its headrest extends up pretty high, so most tall gamers will find themselves quickly getting used to this game. This is pretty firm chair and upholstery on it feels awesome.

ProGrid Back Managers Chair

This chair offers many adjustments that are otherwise available in expensive versions. The seat has mesh back and is comfortable. Arms feel bit cheap. The chair may need some fine tuning to get it to feel just right.

Using its wide range of levers, you can easily adjust its tilt and height, plus slide the seat pan backward or forwards. The backrest can be quickly shifted up or down, and you can also raise or lower the armrests.

DX Racer OH/FD01/N PC Gaming Chair

DX PC gaming chairs come in wide range of cool colors. This particular model is famous for its innovative features-soft armrests, a wonderful ergonomic design, and 90 degree adjustable armrests. The additional back pillow keeps neck and back in best condition while you game. The race car designed cushioning and seat makes it feel as if you’re sitting right on the clouds with wheels.

Steelcase Gesture

According to company, this chair was actually designed as a result of extensive research that showed influx of many devices in workplace that led to people sitting in all kinds of new positions leading to illnesses.

This is one of the most comfortable chair that has backrest tilt, and offers good support. An adjustbale backrest and seat that articulate in response to how much you move around in your chair. It has good build quality, is stylish and comes with lifetime warranty. Even though it is bit expensive, it makes all other pc gaming chairs feel a bit lackluster.

In gaming, you have high visual demands with your PC screen, and you also need better precision with your fingers and hands. Being able to support your forearms on work surface or desk improves precision. The key is bringing keyboard, monitor, and mouse closer to you, so you can easily relax back on chair and keep your ears balanced over shoulders and your shoulders in line with hips. So getting your gaming space set up correctly is really important, and a good chair helps you in achieving that.